About us

At Tau Montessori School we strive to assist your little ones in developing to the best of their ability. We see each child for the beautiful and very unique being that they are and believe in following the child in everything that s/he needs to develop to his/her greatest potential. 
Extra Curricular Activities

Due to Covid 19 there have been quite a few changes regarding the extra curricular activities. Hopefully everything will normalise again by 2021.


“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

Dr. Maria Montessori





Cooking activities

Cooking not only relaxes individuals but serves as a great way to practice fine and gross motor skills too. At Tau Montessori School we do cooking activities too.

Caring for our furry friends and outside environment

Maria Montessori was passionate about caring for animals and the environment we live in. At Tau Montessori we have ducks and chickens in the environment which is cared for by the children. We also have our own developing vegetable patch that is also cared for by the children. These activities teaches responsibility and independence.

Annual School Concert

At the end of every year we host a school concert where your little one's get the opportunity to show off all their wonderful talents. We encourage family, friends and relatives to all join in the fun of this very exciting day, and to support the little one's who have all worked very hard to make this day a success.

Tuck Shop Friday's

On a Friday we offer Tuck Shop to the children of our school. During this very exciting event the little one's learn about the value of money as they each have a chance to choose something and pay for it themselves. We always strive in providing items with the least sugar and make sure that there is something salty and sweet to buy.

Community Service Projects

To help the little one's learn to take responsibility for their environment we try to have a community service fund raiser at least once every two years. Please see our What's New page regarding our last two visits to the Waltloo/Tshwane SPCA.